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About us:

Holograf Group was founded in November 2009 by Paweł Boczkowski, Wojtek Czajka and Grzegorz Wełnicki. Since the beginning of our work the team grew by two members: Kakha Kakhiani from Georgia and Lukasz Kus from Poland.
Our cooperation comes from the need to present stories with the use of photography which in our mind are of significant importance. We want to promote documentary photography and reportages, which have nothing in common with the commercial attitude of typical “news” content.
The guidelines we assumed helped us shape the character of our group and to this day distinguish our actions. We were brought together by the passion of documenting reality, the desire to meet new people and telling their stories.
Our photographs often represent different styles, but regardless of whether we touch complicated matters or tell simple stories, they are always issues that we consider worth attention.
We try to show that reportages are something more than just news concerning most recent issues and hot topics. We put quality over quantity, and our photos should be seen as part of a coherent, story telling whole, rather than an out of context, single pictures.
We are open for new ideas and we search opportunities to develop our skills. We want to present stories in a way that gives food for thought, without providing ready answers for the viewer.